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“Pilotless Drone” Guy Strikes Again; Any Suggestions for Him?

Remember the San Francisco Chronicle reader who railed against the paper’s use of the phrase “pilotless drone”? (If so, you may also recall that we wondered if the reader was Matt Groening pulling a stunt.) Well, the pilotless-drone guy is back with another assault on the Chronicle, this time over a headline containing the phrase “Four-Year Anniversary,” which he declares should have read “Fourth Anniversary” instead.

This one isn’t as funny as the first, but it struck me that this man may be inefficiently employed. He clearly has a lot of passion, a fair amount of time, and a great eye for detail; on the downside, he seems to have a bit of an anger thing going on, and he swears a lot.

Don’t you think you all could put your heads together and come up with a suitable occupation or pursuit for this gentleman to undertake, rather than throwing all his resources at the Chronicle‘s complaint line?