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The People Who Complain to Newspapers Even Kookier Than Previously Thought

A while back, I posted here about the San Francisco Chronicle‘s new audio feature called “Correct Me If I’m Wrong,” which turns irate readers’ voicemail messages into brief podcasts. The first podcast featured a caller who was deeply disturbed by the Chronicle‘s use of the seemingly redundant phrase “pilotless drone.” This first message was so over-the-top that I wondered if it was a stunt; and one blog reader convinced himself that the caller was none other than Matt Groening. That mystery remains unsolved but let’s assume that the caller was not, in fact, Groening.

Fortunately, the Chronicle has continued its “Correct Me If I’m Wrong” feature. Here is the complete archive to date. I don’t know if any of the messages are as good as the first one, but they are all pretty great. Which convinces me that either:

1. The Chronicle has hired a bunch of really good writers and actors to create wonderful short pieces of audio theater; or

2. The people who complain to newspapers are even kookier than previously thought.

I vote for No. 2.

At least the messages are somewhat instructive. Note to future journalists: never write about a gay sewing circle, especially while there is a war going on.