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Your Questions for Bill Clinton Will Have to Wait

The other day, I wrote to say that I’d be warming up for Bill Clinton, again, and solicited your questions for him — many of which, as you can see here, were pretty good. I was particularly fond of this one, from “BennyM”:

Does the American public get such lackluster politicians because we’re so cynical and disengaged? … or… drumroll (please) … Are we so cynical and disengaged with regard to the political process as a direct result of such poor, and invariably dishonest, candidates?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to Clinton at all — nor did anyone else. His plane couldn’t land because of bad weather. At the last minute, his speaking slot was filled by Dick Gephardt, the former longtime Missouri congressman who was House Minority Leader during much of Clinton’s presidency, including the impeachment. When he took the stage, Gephardt had a pretty terrific opening line: “This is the second time I’ve been called upon to save Bill Clinton’s ass.”