Freakonomics meets Facebook

I am not hip enough to be part of, but my research assistants who are tell me that there is a Freakonomics Group there. Unfortunately, that link only works if you are hipper than me.


Would you like to give us any hints of the title of your next book Professor Levitt?


This is great. Did you know one of the guys at also links to this blog? (


Dr. Levitt can't get into a Freakonomics phorum? That's rich.

And they say it's the end of irony.


Facebook. MySpace. Friendster. Doesn't anyone edit themselves anymore?


That's excellent -- glad to hear it. Especially hilarious since I import the Freakonomics RSS feed on my Facebook notes.


This group is titled:
"My name is one the 20 "Whitest" Names in America"


I have no facebook or any social networking accounts (heck, no Youtube account as well)... am I a social Zero?


Dont worry Chewxy, I have an account in a ton of those kinds of sites, even though I AM a social zero.


Membership was 103 before you blogged about the group apparently, now it is at 444. I contributed to this number.

Princess Leia

I guess I'm hipper! :-)

Nir Levy

Erm, what DOES happen when you put a mirror on a xerox machine?


If you guys didn't get it, Levitt is being falsely modest. He obviously thinks he is cooler than the people on facebook lol!