How Not To Get Elected President

If you wanted to get elected President of the United States, which of these would you least like to be? (At least, according to the fraction of those surveyed who said they wouldn’t vote for a candidate with this characteristic):

a) Black

b) Catholic

c) Homosexual

d) Jewish

e) Female

f) Atheist

The answer is here at, an interesting site for finding, sharing, and presenting data.

While you’re browsing it you can see which colleges have the largest endowment per student (there is one in the top five that will shock you), homicide rates by country (guess where the United States ranks before looking), and much, much more.

Hats off to Tom Paper for creating such a great site.


What about homosexual atheists?


I never did understand the "fear" of athiests. It seems that deists don't like them because they feel they lack a "moral center" or somesuch. But to me it seems that an athiest who does good things is inherently more moral than a deist who does good things -- the athiest has no ulterior motive of long-term rewards.


This would be the perfect topic for RandyfromCanada to chime in and tell us Americans how ridiculous we are.



It seems like we are approaching the tipping point regarding homosexual acceptance (Note: ) , probably be another 50 years before we get their with Atheism.


Oops meant "there" instead of their. Hate when I do stupid things like that - darn English language!

Ken D.

This statistic, and the virtual total absence of declared atheists and agnostics in public office, decisively refute all the right-wing "war on religion" and "Christianophobia" tub-thumping.


The presidential candidates poll data only shows that it's still acceptable to tell a pollster that you're prejudiced against atheists and homosexuals. You have to keep your prejudice against blacks, women, Catholics, and Jews to yourself these days. I guess that's progress...?

Dr. Yogi

I think its incredibily interesting that most of those numbers seem to dip after 9/11. It seems the fear mongerers actually did have an effect on the national psyche.


I totally agree with Taed. I would prefer to have an atheist in charge than someone who believes that god is guiding them or that god will provide answers. That is a way of not taking responsibility. I consider it dishonest and cowardly.


Looking at these graphs, you have to love the 1950s.

Vote Ron Paul!!!


Shows some people have better PR managers than others.


I find it really hard to digest that US has more homocides than India. Considering India's legal structure (and the enforcement of laws) and population India would be much higher than the US.

But it also depends on what you mean by homocides, if it means contractual killings then US might be higher, but if it means murders per say no developed country would be even close to India because that would jinx the definition of developed i think.


Atheist leaders have had a mixed track record this century (some that spring to mind are Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro).


When you look under 'most viewed graph groups', one shows only 40% of US believe in, this poll isn't all that shocking.


Yes, and George Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Richard Nixon are excellent role models to the contrary.

But Thomas Jefferson, despite all the talk about him being or not being a deist, could really give not one flip for the whole matter of god.

Thank god.


Steven, Thanks for the post. A lot of folks have had a hand in putting Data360 together and I'm grateful to each of them. We welcome all ideas, suggestions and, of course, data!! Best regards, Tom Paper


One thing I would really like on the site are error bars. For instance, it's interesting that voters' likelihood of voting for a woman has gone down in the last few years. Is that just noise, or is it something else like a reaction to Hillary?

There's no way to know without error bars. It'd be pretty easy to just add a little line at the top of the bar graph.


satan worshipper would be high on the list too- though it hasn't hurt cheney much


The list of college endowments left out Berea College with an endowment of nearly $900 per student.

Berea is a very interesting school in Kentucky that essentially will not take you if you can afford to go elsewhere. All the student are required to work their way through at the college or the various businesses operated by the college.


What was the surprise in the endowments list? I didn't see it, but I wasn't familiar with half the colleges in the top 10 anyway.