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Mark Cuban Will Now Take Your Questions

If you’ve ever looked at his blog, you know that Mark Cuban is perhaps the most accessible (and interesting) sports team owner/ media maven/ technology entrepreneur in history. So it was nice to see him stop by our blog to comment on a recent post about why N.B.A. sportswriters get to sit so near the court. Here was Cuban’s comment: “I moved our [Dallas Mavericks] reporters early and often. As long as they get good food and a good seat, the best seats go to the customer.”

I wrote back to Cuban and asked if he’d submit to a Q&A for this blog. He was good enough to agree. As we did with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, we’ll open it up to you to ask Cuban whatever’s on your mind. (Here are the questions you asked Taleb; here are his answers.) So fire away in the comments below, and then we’ll turn Cuban loose on your questions.

Addendum: The answers to your questions can be found here and here.