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Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book on Poker

We’ve blogged quite a bit about Phil Gordon. The other day, I finally picked up his Little Blue Book. I read just about any poker book that comes out, although not with the gusto I used to have. I am glad to say that I am experiencing rapidly diminishing returns from this activity, which perhaps shows that I have actually learned something.

Of all the poker books I have ever read, Phil’s is the first that’s laugh out loud funny. Not just once or twice, but about twenty times. He has an absolutely amazing gift for storytelling. This book is even better than his outstanding earlier books, The Real Deal and The Little Green Book of Poker. It’s not just funny; it also has great poker lessons. At the risk of making it seem like I’m only saying great things about Gordon and his book because he’s a friend and a business partner, let me just say that he is indeed a friend and a business partner. I was so taken by his intelligence, kindness, charisma, and honesty when I met him that I invested in his company, Expert Insight. I’ll blog more about that later.