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So Strange I Actually Believe It

New research has demonstrated a link between the ratio of the length of the index finger to the ring finger to relative scores on the math and reading SAT. The relative length of these two fingers is apparently related to testosterone and estrogen levels in utero.

While this research focuses on comparisons between the sexes, a logical extrapolation would be that the same sort of forces might hold across gender as well. People don’t like to talk about gender differences these days, but if you have young kids, it is hard not to see them. We tried to raise my son to be a little girly man. It worked for two and a half years. His favorite thing to do was to dress up in ballerina outfits with his sister and put on makeup. Then one day I made the mistake of turning on Power Rangers. He was instantaneously transformed into a battle-loving, sword-toting warrior and has never once looked back.