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A study by University of Toronto assistant professor of organizational behavior Jennifer Berdahl found that, contrary to the conventional belief that a woman’s acting “feminine” in the workplace leads to sexual harassment, just the opposite may be true. Berdahl’s paper concluded that women who “act like men” are more likely to experience harassment, possibly because of the conduct’s use as a tool to reinforce traditional gender roles.

More on the topic of safety devices in cars: A study led by Dr. Craig Newgard, an assistant professor of emergency medicine and public health and preventive medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, found that short people (four-foot-eleven or less) and tall people (six-foot-three or taller) are at risk of serious injury from airbags. Researchers examined more than 11 years of data, including results from both older and newer redesigned models meant to compensate for a passenger’s weight (but not height).

Despite the production and distribution hiccups that it faced earlier this year, the Nintendo Wii created a “financial and strategic nirvana” for the company in its first six months of sales, according to Wall Street blogger Roger Ehrenberg.