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The FREAKest Links: “CSI” Surveys and Octogenarian Punning Edition

Turns out the “CSI” effect on the criminal justice system may not be quite as severe as we thought. Michigan Circuit Judge and Eastern Michigan University criminology professor Donald E. Shelton has published a paper indicating that the TV show’s effects on jurors may be exaggerated. The data, consisting of a survey of 1,027 jurors called for duty in a state court, found that, while jurors had high expectations and demands for scientific evidence, there was no visible link between these preconceptions and television viewing habits.

From the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest Blog: Mayo Clinic neurologists David Hawkins and Neill Graff-Radford have reported the case of an 81-year-old patient who, despite having probable Alzheimer’s, has not only retained her ability to make up puns, but has developed an even wittier sense of humor since contracting the disease.

Following Dubner’s questioning last week of the true value of a No. 1 N.B.A. draft pick, the gentlemen at Wages of Wins have answered the call with their own analysis.