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The FREAKest Links: Tomatoes, Sex Offenders and Wonders of the World Edition

More bad news on prostate health: The latest study by researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that lycopene, the antioxidant widely hailed as a prostate cancer inhibitor, may actually increase the cancer risk. In a study of more than 28,000 men, researchers found no significant correlation between incidents of prostate cancer and the concentration of lycopene in the subjects’ blood — though the data did show an association between beta-carotene, an antioxidant related to lycopene, and an increased risk for aggressive forms of the cancer.

From the AP via ABC News: After initial reluctance, MySpace has agreed to share its sex offender database, which we’ve blogged about before, with a group of state attorney generals.

According to Yahoo, over 45 million people have voted so far in a Web campaign that was created to update the Seven Wonders of the World. Voters can choose between 21 buildings and monuments, with the winners announced in an Official Declaration Ceremony in Lisbon on 07/07/07.