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This Blog Apparently Not Worthless After All

Several months ago, I got an e-mail from a money manager in Spain. He’d read a blog post here called “Will the High Price of Oil Make Americans Skinnier,” and decided to start trading (mostly agricultural stocks) based on the ideas mentioned therein. Good luck, I told him.

Now my friend James Altucher at has had a similar idea, but he’s making it public. After reading last week’s post on the skill vs. luck debate in poker, James decided to assemble a “Freakonomics Portfolio” of poker stocks. As he explains, it “contains the five stocks that would be most affected on the long side, as well as three stocks on the short side that might get hurt if poker sites were legal again for U.S. players.” Here’s his full explanation on Stockpickr. As usual, James thinks things through in a big way.

Word is that the Freakonomics Portfolio idea may become a regular feature on Stockpickr. I can’t wait to see what kind of stocks James digs up for our next post on crack cocaine or baby names.