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Uncle I.R.S. Wants You

The job of I.R.S. commissioner has been filled — Mark Everson, who left to take over the American Red Cross, has been replaced by deputy Kevin Brown — but there’s still room for more at the I.R.S. Now you can nominate yourself (or a loved one) for a three-year volunteer membership on the agency’s Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee, which includes up to 23 civilian members.

“It is important,” the I.R.S. states, “that the IRPAC continue to represent a diverse taxpayer and stakeholder base … membership is balanced to include representation from industries including insurance, banking, the tax professional community, small and large businesses, colleges and universities, state tax administrations, software and the payroll community.”

If you’re still interested — and willing to submit to an F.B.I. background check — then here’s the application.