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Alternatives to the “Gay Bomb”

Reporters have been abuzz recently over the release of a document revealing that, in 1994, the U.S. military asked for $7.5 million to develop a bomb filled with aphrodisiac chemicals intended to cause “homosexual behavior” that would “affect discipline and morale in enemy units.” Now, Jon Ronson of the U.K. Guardian writes of another leaked Air Force report containing additional ideas for “non-lethal” technological weapons. He describes them as follows:

There’s the “low-frequency infrasound” which “easily penetrates most buildings and vehicles” and creates “nausea, loss of bowel control, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage and death.”… There’s the race-specific stink bomb and the chameleon camouflage suit, both of which have apparently never got off the ground because nobody can work out how to invent them, and a special pheromone that “can be used to mark target individuals and then release bees to attack them.”

Then there’s the prophet hologram — “the projection of the image of an ancient god over an enemy capitol whose public communications have been seized and used against it in a massive psychological operation.”

Any other ideas out there for equally creative “non-lethal” battle techniques?