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Dutch TV Kidney-Giveaway Show a Hoax (Probably, Sort Of)

Now it’s been revealed that the reality show we blogged about the other day was a hoax designed to call attention to the shortage of donated organs. The contestants who needed kidneys really do need kidneys, but the “donor” was an actress. “We have only done this cry for help because we want to solve a problem that shouldn’t be a problem,” a producer said afterward.

I have two things to say:

1. If your goal is to call attention to a serious issue that people are deeply conflicted about on moral, medical, and legal grounds, I’m thinking that a theatrical hoax is kind of a suboptimal way to accomplish it.

2. I guess my subconscious is smarter than the rest of my brain, for here’s the headline I put on the earlier blog post: “Kidney News You Won’t Believe.”

(Hat tip: Dan Mulhern)