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Give Your Children Power Tools, and Buy Them Guns

Last week, I blogged about the conservative/Christian website Conservapedia, one of several Wikipedia copycats. Another of these sites is Uncyclopedia, which pokes fun at Wikipedia’s credibility issues by fudging practically every fact. The site is an impressive piece of mockery, perhaps best judged by its very excellent entry on Freakonomics — a book written, per Uncyclopedia, by “economist Bill Reichstag and sloucher Art Sanders.” Here’s an excerpt:

Initially, gun purchase spiked as parents bought their children handguns while erecting chain-link fences around their pools. Parents in rich areas, realising that nothing they do could change the statistically superior performance of rich kids throughout life, decided to stop feeding, clothing, or educating them. Fans of the book even went so far as to give their children power tools on their birthday in lieu of birthday balloons, because the plastic in balloons was made with oil which humanity could better use for construction. Within weeks, the police in several states discovered thousands of “water balloons” full of gasoline littering city streets, along with condoms from the underage sex that had taken the place of violent video games.

I think our next step is obvious: hiring the Uncyclopedia contributors to help with our next Freakonomics book.