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John Edwards May Not Want to Check InTrade Today; Fred Thomspon Might

On the InTrade prediction market site, John Edwards has fallen behind the undeclared Al Gore. Here is Edwards’s recent price chart:

And here is Gore’s:

Note how far Gore has fallen since the Oscar hubbub. Note, also, that Gore remains (fairly) adamant that he won’t run.

On the GOP side, meanwhile, the not-quite-yet-declared Fred Thompson has just about caught up to Rudy Giuliani, who is hemorrhaging votes. Here is Thompson:

And here is Giuliani:

With Thompson surging, don’t you feel a bit bad for Tommy Thompson, the former Wisconsin governor and HHS secretary who is also running for the GOP nomination? He will be the only Thompson on stage for tonight’s debate, but he is not the Thompson that people care about.

And finally, do the people who refer to Fred Thompson as a TV star actually watch Law & Order? His character is usually on screen for about 14 seconds per episode. Not that there’s anything wrong with that …