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The FREAKest Links: Brush Off That Virtual Suit & Tie Edition

Via the Wall Street Journal: Employers are starting to experiment with using Second Life to conduct job interviews. Candidates can create avatars and set up meetings at virtual job fairs in which they “communicate with executives of prospective employers as though they were instant-messaging.”

Popular Science has released its annual “Ten Worst Jobs in Science” list, topped by Hazmat Diver, described as follows: “They swim in sewage. Enough said.” Other winners include Garbologist, Elephant Vasectomist and Oceanographer (“Nothing but bad news, day in and day out”). Levitt’s father’s “Intestinal Gas Researcher” didn’t make the cut this year, though the No. 8 ranked “Olympic Drug Tester” overlaps with “Sports Doping Doctor” in the British Medical Journal‘s list of “Worst Jobs for a Doctor.”

The D.C.-area taco chain California Tortilla offered a promotional discount that we find especially admirable, given our love of the sport: any customer who beats the cashier in a game of Rock Paper Scissors receives $1 off an entree. (Hat tip: