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The FREAKest Links: From Broken Ankles to Dugout Seats Edition

Here’s a new way to improve the emergency room experience: Hospitals nationwide are starting to issue meal vouchers, movie passes and MLB tickets to emergency room patients who’ve been made to wait a long time for care. Other hospitals, meanwhile, are eliminating waits entirely by allowing patients to check in from their beds. (Hat tip David Brick.)

Reader Fred Telegdy informs us of a new electronic version of Rock, Paper Scissors (one of our favorite sports here at Freakonomics) for those who just can’t be bothered to use their entire hand.

For those who find themselves baffled by the vagaries of the art market, now there’s the Art Market Blog by “art market analyst, journalist and presenter Nicholas Forrest,” who breaks down topics like the “stigma of sculpture” and the longterm effects of the current market boom (and for those with a strong interest in the topic, it’s worth checking out University of Chicago economics professor David Galenson‘s examinations of the art world).