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The FREAKest Links: iPhones May Be Hazardous to your Health Edition

Via Marginal Revolution: In his quest to explain the male-female wage gap in business, academia, and other fields, the economist M. Daniele Paserman studied the role that gender plays in competitive environments. Where’d he get his data? From professional tennis matches. Paserman argues that male athletes are generally more adept at handling high-pressure situations.

With iPhone frenzy reaching a peak, Live Science reviews the odds laid by regarding the gadget’s outcome, including its odds of being recalled, selling at least 12 million units or causing a consumer to be trampled while waiting in line to buy it (a scenario that’s given 20-1 odds, which may be low considering reviews like this one). (Hat tip: Casey Hopkins.)

While we’re on the subject of Apple, reader Jesse Raub offers an alternative explanation to the question of price discrepancies between black and white iBooks posed in our Economic Naturalist discussion. Raub’s point: the black laptop costs more because it’s equipped with 40 more GB of hard drive (although it’s unclear whether such was the case when the question was first posed).