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The FREAKest Links: What’s $4 Billion Between Friends Edition

1. Tired of Google Street View yet? Here, via TechCrunch, is the next step on the horizon: Microsoft’s Photosynth Project is developing a network of 3-D virtual maps depicting actual places. Meanwhile, 3-D street views of ten cities will launch this fall on Everyscape. No word yet on whether the scenes will feature virtual peeing bystanders, dozing cats, or Dubner’s grandmother.

2. columnist Brett Arends reports that, with Apple stock’s gain of 1,600% since 2003, CEO Steve Jobs missed out on $4 billion in profits from stock options that he sold four years ago.

3. The Smoking Gun digs into the history of Steve “Toro” Francis, the government informant who gave up the JFK airport terrorism suspects, finding on his record, among other charges, a felony conviction and a recent arrest in possession of $2 million in cocaine. No wonder Tony Soprano felt so comfortable around his FBI friend.