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World Series of Poker Update: Hellmuth Gets Record 11th Braclet; Levitt Ties Record That Can Never be Broken

We came to Vegas so my wife, Jeannette, could play in the Ladies Event at the World Series of Poker. It is my dream for her to win, and she kindly humors me with it. She played well, but got no cards — or, that’s what she says at least. She outlasted a number of big name pros, but went out on the first day.

Today, there’s big news from the WSOP: Phil Hellmuth won a record 11th braclet.

Meanwhile, I also played in my first WSOP event. The game was no-limit hold ’em. Each player started with 5,000 chips.

So what record did I tie? The record for least number of pots won by a player in a WSOP event: zero. I played for almost two hours and did not win a single hand. I didn’t even manage to steal the blinds once. Despite promising Phil Gordon seconds before the tournament that I would not let ace-queen be my undoing, I lost two big pots with those hole cards (both times an Ace came up on the flop; neither time did the opponent have an ace; both times I still lost). I probably played them wrong both times.

The beauty of the WSOP is that there is always another event the next day. Maybe I’ll give it another try tomorrow… there’s nowhere to go but up.

Or, if I’m smart, I’ll make my wife play in my place.