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A Second Life for Hero-Worship

I have a new book on sale today, although it’s not really a new book. HarperPerennial has just republished my second book, Confessions of a Hero- Worshiper, which originally came out in 2003. Here’s the Amazon link. It is currently ranked #3,984,523, so there’s nowhere to go but up.

The book is a memoir of hero-worship, as the title implies, specifically about my childhood infatuation with a football player, Franco Harris of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and my attempt to get to know him personally many years later. I am happy the book has been republished, of course, especially since it didn’t sell well. Because my first book had sold well, we were all expecting good things for No. 2. When it didn’t succeed commercially, it became easier to think that it wasn’t a good book. The correlation of quality to success is well-established, isn’t it? (Joke.)

Anyway, I reread Confessions recently in order to prepare the new edition, and I like it again. This version includes quite a bit of new material, including an essay I wrote recently about my son Solomon‘s inherited infatuation with the Steelers, which you may have read about before here, or here.