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The FREAKest Links: Gaming Teens and E-Mail Stress Edition

Via Wired: In addition to providing potential career-building skills, online gaming may be good for teens, according to a three-year study of adolescent gamers by researchers at Brunel University. The findings showed that teens who gamed could “establish their presence, identity and meaning in ways that might not be accessible or permissible in their everyday lives.” Though there’s also the small matter of more gaming meaning less homework time.

A study by University of Paisley mathematics professor Mario Hair found that e-mail causes a specific type of stress in users, and is more distracting than other forms of communication. Nora Ephron seems to agree.

In a continuation of its ongoing threat to MySpace, Facebook is gaining popularity in the online music scene after joining with iLike, the rapidly growing digital music service that lets users share their music preferences.