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The FREAKest Links: John Jermajesty Jingleheimer Smith Edition

For those seeking a little variety in the name department, the U.K. Times ranks the fifty “craziest celebrity baby names,” including such gems as “Aurelius Cy,” “Fifi Trixibell,” “Moxie CrimeFighter” and “Jermajesty.” Lucky for them, none of the featured celebrity parents live in Malaysia.

Reader John Wilson alerted us to his blog, WhereIsJohnWilson, which documents his quest to have his self-proclaimed “super common” name vaulted to the top of Google searches. The top post currently is an interview with Jim Kileen, director and producer of the documentary Google Me, that picks up on Dubner’s discussion of video resumes.

In non-name news, an A.P. article reports on a study led by Cardiff University psychologist Stanley Zammit showing an apparent link between marijuana use and psychosis. According to Zammit’s conclusion, “even infrequent use” of marijuana could raise the risk of developing psychosis by up to 40%. Although as reader Andrew Heck pointed out, the results could be an example of confusing causation and correlation (a topic we’ve addressed often) in that the researchers “said they couldn’t prove that marijuana use itself increases the risk of psychosis” and admitted that “[t]here could be something else about marijuana users” that contributed to the increase.