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The FREAKest Links: Paper Beats Rock and Boys Named Hell Edition

As enduring fans of the sport, we were glad to hear that ESPN2 broadcast its first coverage of the 2007 USA Rock Paper Scissors League championship, which took place in May at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay. The single-elimination competition was won by Jamie Langridge from Odessa, Texas, who employed a “complex adaptive” strategy to take home the Bud Light Trophy and $50,000 prize.

A boy named Max Hell has been rejected from an Australian Catholic school because his last name reportedly “jarred with [the school’s] religious teachings.” No word on whether the school also objected to his first name’s popularity among British dogs.

Via MediaPost: Facebook’s largest growth demographic since opening its doors to non-college students has been people over age 35. So does this mean the alleged Myspace/Facebook class divide will continue on up into the Baby Boomers?