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The FREAKest Links: Second Life Sex and Hotel Towels Edition

More on the clash of sex and legal issues in Second Life: reports that one Second Life user is suing another (in real life) for copyright infringement over a virtual “sex bed” that lets avatars simulate 150 different carnal acts. Plaintiff Kevin Alderman, founder of Eros LLC, alleges that the defendant, “Second Life resident” Volkov Catteneo, copied and is selling the bed’s design.

An A.P. article reports a Starwood Hotels survey finding that over 60% of hotel guests are more likely to be environmentally wasteful during their stay than they are at home, using more water and electricity and producing more laundry.

Slate‘s Samantha Henig examines the science of “gut feelings,” which are caused by a complex system of neurons in the gastrointestinal tract that “looks a lot like the network of cells that exists in your actual brain.”