FREAK-TV: Why Blog?


Ever wonder why Levitt and Dubner blog in the first place? Check out the video box on the left to see Levitt’s take.


why comment?

Alf Rehn

Why ask?


I'm feeling either blind or stupid...where is the FREAK-TV box so I can see the video?


What happened to the RSS feed? It seems to now show only a summary of the blog entry rather than the entire blog entry. Is this intentional?


Use IE instead of Mozilla.

Bernard Kelley

A couple of weeks ago I saw you on GMA and you said it would cost more ($5/gal) to change water in to gasoline. Why should I pay in attention to anyone who figured out how to change water into gasoline and then was absolutely stupid enough to use bottled water to do it?


This really is not usable.


I also see no TV just a big animated ad for VW that upon clicking, only takes me to the VW website. :-/


How about you get rid of the truncated RSS feed?


why vlog?


Looks great...Congratulations on the move.



I don't see the video. Is this an IE/Windows-only thing? Firefox/Mac forever!


Please bring back the longer RSS feed!


I agree, get rid of the truncated RSS feed. It's annoying to have to go to your website every time I want to read a blog entry.

RSS aggregators don't like this feature at all.

Michael Bube

In your video on why you blog, you say you don't take it seriously and you don't think much of it, that you drop bombs to see what people think of it. So long as people understand this is what you are doing, all is well and good. However, I know that as I have read your thoughts, I believed what you were saying was more than just an idle thought. I figured your credentials put it a notch above most of our thoughts. Therefore I think you should be wary of what you say or at least let us know how little thought went into your comments. Years ago Johnny Carson jokingly mentioned a toilet paper shortage and in days markets were cleaned out of toilet paper. His influence was so overrated that even he was surprised. I'll bet that you could clear a shelf of toilet paper anytime you wanted also, or do anything you pretty much wanted to do.


Why are there so many commenters now as opposed to before? I liked it better before when you knew the individual commenters and there weren't just random ones. WHERE IS ERGATMAN?


Truncated RSS feed is rough.

Feedburner gives ads in the feeds themselves, if ads are the reason why you've moved to cut off your feeds .


Bring back the full RSS feed!


I loved the book and usually the blog. However, I was struck by the lack of information on the economics of "Why Blog?"

What about drawing eyeballs which brings in ad revenue? Or the drawing the attention of the NY Times who gobbles you up for the same reason? Or for the purpose of keeping the book sales alive much, much longer than would otherwise be possible? Or even to keep an audience so the next book is a guaranteed NY Times #1 best seller?

All of these things are good, free market reasons to blog. None are mentioned.

Princess Leia

So busy the past few days I didn't see the change 'til now.

How many takes did it need for Steve to film the video intro? I like the black and white edits in between his comments.

But can you still link to my blog and others from a comment here? Doesn't seem so.