Bars Without Women

A friend writes:

My girlfriend was in the Hamptons and could not get into a particular bar because she said that their strategy has gone from letting as many hot girls into the bar to letting as many guys in.

It struck me as perhaps a change in thinking. Hot places in Vegas and Atlantic City still let a disproportionate amount of women in because there’s the perception that that is what makes a bar have buzz.

But at some point, when your bar is already hot, doesn’t economics dictate that guys buy the drinks?

Maybe, but I can’t imagine guys will keep coming in to buy a lot of drinks if the male-female ratio falls too low. Can anybody out there who runs a bar tell us what kind of balance you try to create, and whether you attempt it through timing, pricing, marketing, etc.?

Of course, it may be that women have given up and started avoiding bars because of all the negging.


This could be reverse-psychology at work. If you create a club that so exclusive and selective, then more people would want to get in. Similar idea works for some luxury brands like Louis Vuitton & Bentley. Of course for years Hollywood have been making movies about "guy ignores hot girl, hot girl wondering why, and wants guy even more" type of scenario.


Or it could be a Men-only gay bar.




I try to keep the ratio of men to women in my bar at a WE NEED FULL RSS FEEDS ratio.


I had exactly the same experience. I couldn't get into a hip bar, and the only possible explanation is that they have stopped letting hot people of my gender in. Yes, the only explanation. ;-)


(Responding to above)Perhaps you are not hot...

This is one of the worst postings I have read on this blog in a while.


Or it could be this girl wasn't hot enough!


Or it could be that the natural balance has been tipped in the other direction in that area (even in that specific part of town). National Geographic had a map in a recent issue showing that there are 185,000 more single women than men in the NY-NJ-CT area.

The balance is more important than the number of men or women in a particular place. It's about the chemistry of the scene, whether there's enough fun interaction between the sexes.

Shaun Reynolds

Agreed with post 1

If you are a hot girl and you are seeking hot men to buy you a drink which bar would you want to be at?


Post 2 makes sense to me. Otherwise Men will have no purpose to going to the bar, while the strategy of having many men may raise revenues temporarily, long term it won't be successful because the bar will get a reputation as a sausage fest bar.

Rita: Lovely Meter Maid

What if we make a rule that only hot people who frequent trendy, hip bars could get drafted? That would be quite fair, I think.


this scenario presumes the girlfriend is "hot"...- the simple solution is to let in all the hot alcoholic vixen you can

Peter Nabicht

Maybe this was the bar's polite way of saying, "We aren't letting you in because you aren't hot."


Reading this without the full RSS feed is really getting on my nerves. And to make it simpler for you, no matter how many times I have to load these pages I am never clicking on any of the NYT's ads, since that is probably why they are making it so inconvenient to read...


I won't really touch on the subject directly, but sports bars obviously cater to men and rarely do men really care how many attractive women are present if they are there to watch sports (although, there is no doubt that attractive women are always a bonus)

(Also, sports bars are different from what you are talking about, because sports bars usually do not choose between letting people in or refusing them entry - there is no bouncer or whatever screening customers)


Don't most bars have a shortage of women? Why else would there be a ladies' night?

Bars that admit mostly men age going to be accused of gayness whether that is the intention or not.


I've never frequented places that have a line to get in, but I know I've walked into a bar and walked right out if I saw it was just a bunch of guys in there. I think this situation might work if you continuously shift who you let in, so one week its guys, then the next its girls. If you set a standard of not knowing who the typical will be it might attract more people in general. After this you can allow an equal ratio which I would see as best (every girl has a guy to buy drinks.)

Or maybe its just a really exclusive sports bar, there has to be one out there.


The last line implies women don't like the negging, which is patently untrue.


equally puzzling: how is that on a blog that supposedly has comment moderation, people are still getting their stupid "FIRST!" comments published?

David Mebane

Well, if the bar owners care that much about the male/female ratio, I probably don't want to go there. Anyway, if it does make a difference, wouldn't the economics create about a 50/50 ratio for any place with an open-door policy?