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Bars Without Women

A friend writes:

My girlfriend was in the Hamptons and could not get into a particular bar because she said that their strategy has gone from letting as many hot girls into the bar to letting as many guys in.

It struck me as perhaps a change in thinking. Hot places in Vegas and Atlantic City still let a disproportionate amount of women in because there’s the perception that that is what makes a bar have buzz.

But at some point, when your bar is already hot, doesn’t economics dictate that guys buy the drinks?

Maybe, but I can’t imagine guys will keep coming in to buy a lot of drinks if the male-female ratio falls too low. Can anybody out there who runs a bar tell us what kind of balance you try to create, and whether you attempt it through timing, pricing, marketing, etc.?

Of course, it may be that women have given up and started avoiding bars because of all the negging.