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Contest: Beat This Aptonym

Today’s contest concerns aptonyms. An aptonym is a name that also describes what you do. (I blogged earlier on the subject, specifically about the people in the birding world with names like Phoebe and Flicker.) In the old days, aptonyms weren’t coincidences; they were professional labels. That’s why there are still so many people named Tanner, Taylor, etc. But in our culture, they are quite rare.

Which is why I got so excited yesterday when I spotted a fantastic aptonym. Flipping through the latest issue of Good magazine (here’s the online version), I stopped to look at the masthead. There are two people listed under “Research,” which in magazine land usually means fact-checking. One of the names is … Paige Worthy. That is: if a fact doesn’t get past Paige Worthy, then it’s not page-worthy, at least not for Good.

Is this a gag name? I doubt it — all the other names on the masthead look legit — and I sincerely hope not.

Can you offer a better aptonym than Paige Worthy? Try your best. Convince us that your aptonym is good, and legitimate. We will convene a blue-ribbon panel here at the Freakonomics office to determine the best entries. If you supply one of the three best aptonyms, you’ll get a signed copy of “Freakonomics” or a Freakonomics yo-yo, depending on your choice.

Addendum: The contest winners can be found here.