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The FREAKest Links: Agnostic Doctors and Doomed Trekkers Edition

Via the Chicago Sun-Times: A University of Chicago and Yale-New Haven Hospital survey of 1,260 doctors found that those who considered themselves atheist or agnostic were just as likely to provide care for patients with little or no health insurance than those who were religious — a departure from studies finding that religious people are more charitable towards the poor. Though with religion currently taking hits in the publishing world, perhaps belief in God isn’t what it used to be.

Following Dubner’s query about video resumes, the Overlawyered blog writes that employment lawyers are advising employers to “[not] even deal with them,” since a video can “reveal information about a person’s race, sex, disability, age — all details that could wind up in a discrimination lawsuit.” Apparently P. Diddy hasn’t gotten that memo.

Web analytics blog The Inside Track breaks down the Star Trek “Red Shirt Phenomenon,” whereby crew members who wore red shirts during interplanetary missions were more likely to wind up dead. His conclusion? “We can reliably improve the survivability of the red-shirted crewmen by only exploring peaceful, female-only planets (android and alien females included).” Sound advice in general.