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Yo! Yo! Yo-Yo!

A few months ago, I attended yet another boring Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. This time, at least something good came of it. I met a guy named Weber Hsu, one of two young Merrill Lynch employees who left finance to start a yo-yo company, Yo-Yo Nation.

Weber asked if we wanted them to create a special promotional Freakonomics yo-yo. Of course!

The yo-yos are now ready, and we’ll be giving them away as contest prizes. There’s one contest currently running, asking that you guess the pitcher who’ll give up Barry Bonds‘s 756th home run. We promised the winner a signed book, but in this case we’ll throw in a yo-yo as well.

We got the yo-yos just in time for the upcoming 1st Annual New York State Yo-Yo Contest and International Yo-Yo Open. I am still trying to untangle the string, so don’t look for me to finish anywhere near the top.