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A Bookplate Announcement

March 5, 2021: These bookplates are no longer available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. 

Once in a while, someone writes to ask if we would autograph his or her copy of Freakonomics. And we say: sure, thanks for asking. But the logistics aren’t very smooth. A person would have to mail the book to one of us, and include a stamped envelope addressed to the other one of us, and another stamped envelope back to the book’s owner. So here’s a better solution: the signed bookplate. A bookplate is a simple but nicely designed sticker that the two of us can sign and then simply mail to you, to be placed inside your book (or on your dashboard or forehead if you want), like one of those old “ex libris” stickers. We’ll even pay the postage.

We just sent out the latest batch of a few thousand signed bookplates. If you’ve signed up for a bookplate in the past and didn’t receive it, you should probably sign up again. There was a coding error in the bookplate form, and we’re pretty sure we lost some data. So: apologies for that, and feel free to try again. Note that if you don’t include a postal code, the request can’t be processed.