Can Anyone Explain Dane Cook to Me?

That’s really all I have to say. The rest is commentary — i.e., yours.

Doug Nelson

"He's funny if you're high."

Best explanation I've seen.


who is dane cook?


He's the worst kind of comedian. He steals jokes from better comedians and uses them as his own to propel his own career.

Also, what Dragon Management said.


don't get me started on this rodeo clown


I must disagree with the "it's a taste thing." It's not an arbitrary decision like Ohio State or Michigan, or Windows or Mac.

I am decidedly anti-Dane Cook, and have been for quite some time. The best commentaries on his work that I have found are these:
Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield wonders how Dane Cook got so famous without any jokes. Whatsoever. His comedy consists SOLELY in his yelling and gesturing. He is a case study in marketing, though; without a product to sell, he's certainly done well for himself.
My favorite critique comes from Heather Havrilesky at, who sums it up like so: "From his sloppy college kid look to his avoidance of anything political, cultural or remotely critical, Cook aims at appealing to those vast numbers of kids who haven't really developed any interests yet, and are most of all focused on having fun with a big group of people."
The utter stupidity embodied in Cook's routines is captured wonderfully in this Onion article. While it's a delicious satire on the caricature of frat boy himself, I've also heard that many of his fans don't realize it's a joke after reading it. That should give some indication how ridiculous his fame is. "Bro, 'Pfffffffft!'"


Zachary Pruckowski

I think it's in his delivery. He's the kind of guy who could make the phone book funny. If you like his style of delivery, then you'll like him. If you don't like it, then you'll not like him. There are some actors who are like this - doesn't matter if the lines are good, or if the plot sucks, the actor is still interesting.

There's also the fact that most of his jokes are social-commentary. I think that helps, as people can relate to it, even if it's not as funny. When he talks about car accidents or childhood games like Monopoly or Operation, he's got a lot of people at the "I remember this situation" bit. When you feel a part of the joke, then you enjoy it more.


I hated Dane Cook before it was cool. A few years ago, me and a few thousand other people listened to a podcast called Keith and the Girl. They arranged an interview with Dane. He blew it off. They agreed on a new date. Dane blew it off again. They agreed on another new date. Dane got pissed off and said he wouldn't do the interview. Hearing the voicemails going back and fourth here was the first time I'd seen Dane Cook outside of TV, movies, or albums. The whole "easy going, normal guy" image was gone. I've been watching public opinion slowly move against him ever since.

The Barefoot Bum

You know how stupid the average* person is? Well, by definition, half of them are even stupider. That's the only explanation that springs to mind.

*Yes, I know I mean median, but it doesn't sound as good.


Can anyone explain the Dane Cook hate to me? I have one group of friends who love him and another that hates him.


Ah you must have been watching his promo's on TV for baseball, its an odd connection. He had a good bit here and there a couple of years ago, but I've grown tired of his schtick.


I hate Dane Cook. All of my friends love him though. Seriously, this is his style humor.

"So, alright, chair. Wait, that wasn't loud enough, I have to scream it: CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR! OH MY GOD CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!!!!!"

[20 minutes later, after numerous other similar jokes]


He has his moments, but overall, he's unfunny.


Dane Cook was once given advice by his father that (I'm paraphrasing) "things people like in college they like their entire lives."

He took that advice and rode it around the country touring every college, university and student heavy place in the US. His comedy may be middle of the road, but he has a strong, devoted fan base.

Then again that fan base is very likely to describe things as "random" without knowing what that means.


I made a comment about not finding Dane Cook funny, and was told by a coworker that I was the only person she was aware of that had that opinion. Glad it's not just me!


Q: "Can Anyone Explain Dane Cook to Me?"
A: "No."


I think the sorts of people who like Dane Cook are probably similar to the sorts of people who attend megachurches.


Its a great game and you are blogging about this guy on the commercials? I hope you have HD like I do.

Mike Zillion

Despite the admittedly lowbrow college jock appeal of his humor, he's actually a pretty adept physical comedian. He underplays this, so it comes through as a pleasant surprise while he's distracting you with bad jokes. Besides, he has a basic thick-eyebrow-ridge sexiness that let you feel both superior and engaged when he speaks. (Works for me, anyway.)


DA hit it right on the mark. I have been wondering the same thing for the past week after seeing the repeated baseball promos. Why pick him to do those promos. Not enough 18-21 year olds catching baseball on TV?

To folks who said they have friends who like Cook: Why do they say they like him...his act rather? I don't get his act at all and I love stand-up. Was just watching Bigger & Blacker (for the 5th time) on Comedy Central and I swear every time it feels like the first time.

Mrs. B.

I can't explain Dane Cook but I can give you the antidote: One part Jim Gaffigan + two parts Brian Regan. It will save you.


He's funny if you're high. Maybe that's why he performs at so many universities. If you can't tell a joke without yelling into the mic or making some kind of pratfall, then I suggest you invest your money well, you'll need it very soon and for a long time.