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Wanted: Vegas Travel Tips

My travel schedule has me plunking down in Las Vegas this week with 24 hours to kill. I’m looking for advice: what should I do?

I’ve been to Vegas probably 8 or 10 times in the last 5 years, but it’s always been for one kind of work or another, and I’ve never had much free time. I often don’t even leave the hotel. While blackjack is okay (see here) and we had fun writing about the Caesars Palace sportsbook (see here), that stuff gets old fast for me.

The best time I ever had was writing about the Jews of Vegas. (Among other things, I got to talk with Mayor Oscar Goodman.) But that’s been done.

So I’m asking you: what are some interesting, unusual, worthwhile things to do in Vegas?

Keep it legal, people. And thanks for the help.