Environmentalism Run Amok

An e-mail just turned up in my in-box. It was clearly selling something, and the text ended with the following thoughtful note:

Please consider the environment — do you really need to print this e-mail?

And what, you ask, was the e-mail selling?

Private jet travel.

Like the man said: please consider the environment.



Al Gore's actions are entirely consistent.

One less cow means less emissions.

"Save the planet, kill a cow". Should I copy write this?


I say let's eat cows, fart and burn fossil fuels. As soon as we all realize the planet is going to blow up someday the better.
Do greenhouse gases exist on Mars? Seriously? Because last I heard that planet was heating up faster than Earth. Maybe we're doing something wrong.

Arnav Sur

Your book may not have dealt with economics directly but is a perfect example of an economists approach. The book doesn't deal with traditional economics but uses the concepts in real life. The example of nylon stockings and silk stockings is basic theory of demand, the example of real estate agents shows the role incentives play in motivating the workforce. The abortion-crime relation can be linked to economic development and the role of the government.
Freakonomics brought econ to the main stream and broke many stereotypes.


N 14, it's actually Glenn Beck.