A Freakonomics Film Bleg

It’s official: Freakonomics is going to be turned into a feature-length documentary film. It will be an omnibus format, with different stories within the film told by different directors. According to Variety:

Doc is being produced by Chad Troutwine (“Paris je t’aime”) and Seth Gordon (“The King of Kong”), and they have enlisted Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me”), Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (“Jesus Camp”), Alex Gibney (“Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room”), Laura Poitras (“My Country My Country”), Eugene Jarecki (“Why We Fight”) and Jehane Noujaim (“Control Room”) to each direct a docu segment on chapters in the book.

One set of directors would like your help. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, who made Jesus Camp as well as The Boys of Baraka, are, as they put it, “looking to make a character-driven film that captures the phenomenon that is Freakonomics.” Read their plea below and give them a shout if you’re interested. Feel free to respond in the comments as well.

Are you a Freak for Freakonomics? Has the Freakonomics movement changed your life significantly? Do you find yourself running experiments to prove your suspicions about human nature? What did you find?

We are documentary filmmakers adapting the book to the big screen and are looking for your stories. If you or anyone you know has been deeply influenced by the book and has a good story to tell please e-mail us at freakonomicsmovie (at) gmail (dot) com.


Considering the book takes from Levitt's academic papers...will Levitt's papers be the first ever economics papers to be put on the Big Screen?

papers, papers, papers, papers...sorry


won't answer-no incentive
Freakonomics 101




Sounds great, but to be honest I was really hoping for a Lifetime TV "movie of the week" format starring Meredith Baxter Birney of "Family Ties" fame.


Better hurry up and film the part about Cabrini Green before the last of them are bulldozed to make way for condos. ;)


Did the filmmakers really write out "at" and "dot" as if it were script to be read?


Al Franken should play Dubner. They kind of look alike. Disagree? Look to the right. Tell me you didn't think that guy was going to be reading "Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, idiot" before you pressed play.


Dubner can portray himself....he just needs to lose the 80's glasses :-)


Dan, you're right...hmm, has anyone ever seen the two of them together?


They spelled out the e-mail address so that they wouldn't get spam. Otherwise, software that searches the internet for e-mail links would recognize the email and sent them a bunch of spam.

Sam C

I can't wait until the midnight release! I'm gonna get dressed up just like when star wars came out!

Any suggestions as to what I can dress as?

jeff wong

man this sound great.love to part something like this


Get Jim Carrey to play Levitt. They're both tall and thin and if there is going to be a first economics movie, then there needs to be a first fart joke in it.


Thanks, Geoff. Learn something new everyday.....


Congratulations Steves! You may need to jazz it up a bit to keep it interesting. Maybe get Beyonce or Paris Hilton or Brad and Angelina in the cast.


It saddens me that Morgan Spurlock will be involved. His twisted sense of responsibilites, comparable to Moore's twisted sense of truth only provide the public with (however entertaining and inspiring) misinterpretations of causality and correlation, which is exactly the opposite of Freakonomics.


Luis Jerez rocks! It's really a small world as Annabel said. Let's just hope the professors in colleges and highschools use this applied math scheme of teaching. It really works.


Wow, look at that list of directors. No political angle here, right? *eyeroll*

Smedge Wedgely

I'm fairly jazzed about seeing this -- whether or not I agree with the politics of some of the directors.

I find it amazing that with any movie there are hoards of people who think the movie should not be made because they disagree with it's merits, politics or position. Different strokes for different folks. If you don't think you'll like this movie, then please don't see this movie, just as I did not see Bee Movie or Stomp The Yard. (I did not, however, questions the sanity or motives of those producing these movies.)

BTW, I don't really like Indian food, though I don't protest when an Indian restaurant opens.


Please keep Morgan Spurlock out.