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I Should Be in Chattanooga Tonight …

… to support my alma mater, Appalachian State University, in its quest for a third consecutive national football championship at the FCS (formerly Div. I-AA) level.

But I won’t be, so I will cheer them on in absentia.

These are the guys, remember, who beat (presumably) mighty Michigan at the start of the season, so hopefully they can handle the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens.

Appalachian did lose two games earlier this year, to Wofford College and Georgia Southern, but one big reason was an injury to the Mountaineers’ star quarterback, Armanti Edwards.

I would expect that when Edwards’s time comes, he will be given a serious look-see by N.F.L. teams, though probably not at quarterback since he is too small. But think about the pro career of someone like Antwaan Randle El, another small and extremely mobile college QB, and perhaps you can envision the future pro career of Edwards.

First, however, he has to go and win himself a Heisman.