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Would You Rather …

Last time out, we asked if you’d rather be arrested for embezzlement or prostitution. Your response was overwhelmingly in favor of prostitution.

Here’s another choice between two bad options: Would you rather be Conrad Black or Michael Vick?

Yesterday, both of them were sentenced to prison terms, Vick for nearly 2 years and Black for 6-1/2 years. (Black’s sentence was lighter than it could have been; Vick’s was relatively severe; see this article for commentary on judges’ recent gains in sentencing latitude.)

Aside from sharing a sentencing date, the two men had quite a bit in common: they were both wealthy, powerful, and celebrated, with what would seem to be all kinds of incentives not to do something that would have their wealth, power, and freedom taken away from them. And yet, they did.

So, keeping in mind the two men’s ages, crimes, prison terms, reputational hits, post-prison opportunities, etc., tell us who you’d rather be, Conrad Black or Michael Vick. Include your reasoning if you’d like and, also if you’d like, include your gender, age, occupation, and race and/or nationality, and we’ll break down the answers by these metrics.