subject :For the questions about the chinese domain names registration
As a lawer working on the tortious issues especially the domain names' registration, one of my clients had sent me a letter to ask if the following thing is infringing their intellectual property rights according to the domain names registration law. The thing mainly concerned is that Beijing Onvis Network Information Technology Co.,Ltd inform my client about another company applied to register the chinese domain names and internet keyword with the mainpart of my client's company name and trademark. It seems like they infringe the trademark and company name right, but actually they don't, and what they do is just try to help.
First, according to the law that claims in 2004, domain names registration were open to all the person and entity, any one or company could register all the domains, and the rule is obtain them when you register first, so if these are important, don't hesitate, register them.
Second, Beijing Onvis Network Information Technology Co.,Ltd is very friendly and helpful, they just want to help preventing the infringed things happen, but they have no obligation to do so for the domains registration were open, and they are a formal registering center, which have the licence award by the chinese government, so they could be trust.
Third, some companies would like to use a unformal method to get their profits, so they seek the internet and would get the profits through registratering others domains, so if there is someone would like to register the domains, you'd better protect them to prevent the loss.
Fourth, as china entry into WTO, and a very big market open to all the world, all the companies want to get into it, and as china have a big influence in the world, so the chinese domains becomes very important, not only in china but all the world.
According to the analyse above and as a lawer, I strongly suggest if you get someone who want to get your domains, don't hesitate, go ahead and register them to prevent the loss.

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I thought the 'oversleeping' aid was hysterical when I first saw it (in their newsletter on 4/1/2007). Turns out - it's an April Fools joke! Try adding it to your cart ;-)


Why to register .CN Domain Name?
Merit of registering .CN Domain Dame

1. Identify companies & products, both valuable and orientation
2.Abundance resources of .CN Domain Name, user can choose the best one
3.Guarantee users' advantage completely according to the Chinese law
4.All are Chinese services, safeguard user rights to know every details
5.Registration procedure is convenient and fast
6.More ensurence on using .CN Domain Name
7.In favor of maintaining safety of Nation Internet Netwrok Information