Angeline D

I support the closing down of the second life on jan.22 because I don't think it's right for people to be misslead. They shouldn't have been established in the first place.


Freakonomics now available on the street in India."

You mean, you didn't know? Even after this one?

Angeline D.

I personaly think it's makes a lot of sence that most people just makes Ney Year resolutions with out setting their goals and measuring their strengths. I think it's very important for people to set their goals which has to be measureable, and realitic before making any resolution.

Angeline D

I didn't know that freakonomics had any book best seller like a hot cake. most especially in India.


Can we predict an election based on how many newspapers use the word? The New York Times and the Washington Post are busy publishing plenty of stories about elections before an election is likely to happen. But I hope the Economist is being clever here...using some reverse psychology about correlation not implying causation.


On my last visit to India in Dec 2005, I was walking past the row of tiny book stalls setup outside of Presidency College, Calcutta. Freakonomics was the book that was most prominently displayed in these stalls. The stall owners often send runners out on the street to sell copies (like the kids seen in the picture).


Liz, isn't the difference between an election and a recession that elections are planned? In other words, I can mark on my calendar when the next five elections will be, because they're at precise two year intervals (federal elections, anyway). The Times or the Post talking about the election won't change the fact that it's on November 4th.

But recessions are dependent on the vissicitudes of unemployment, investment, inflation, and all sorts of other factors that aren't based on a calendar, but on human behavior and actions. So there's the possibility that if people think that a recession is imminent (and one measure of that is the number of mentions in the news), then they will behave as if one is coming.