‘The Logic of Life’

Tim Harford, a.k.a. the Undercover Economist, has a new book out called The Logic of Life. Tim is a very fine economist, writer, TV host, and “agony uncle” (that’s British for “advice columnist”). Yes, he is also British.

Although I have blogged in the past about the untrustworthiness of book blurbs, let me say here that I both blurbed Tim’s new book and really loved it. Here’s what I said:

Tim Harford is an economist but — thanks be to God — he doesn’t write like one. The Logic of Life is as lively as it is smart, charming, penetrating, and wise. If you are at all interested in knowing much more than you do about how the world works, you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Harford.

My little quote has some very good company on the back of Tim’s book. The other blurbers are Gary Becker (Nobel Prize-winning economist), Tom Schelling (Nobel Prize-winning economist), and Tyler Cowen (blog-champion economist). I am glad they let a civilian in on the action.

Tim is about to embark on a book tour that brings him to four U.S. cities, as well as the U.K., Canada, Singapore (!), and Australia. Go see him if you can.


I'm amused that for a book with the word "Logic" in the title, you invoke "God," the most illogical concept on earth.


Hello, I live in Costa Rica and I think they will not be selling the book in a long time. So can you tell us more about the book, to see if I buy by Internet.


What's the exclamation mark beside Singapore for?

Christopher Chantrill

Wait a minute. I thought that the experts are now saying that "God" is the most logical thing in the world. If God didn't exist then we'd have to invent Him.


I'm very interested in getting a copy of this book. There was an interesting article written about it in Slate magazine http://www.slate.com/id/2182089/entry/2182091/. It says how divorce is good for women. I work for www.FirstWivesWorld.com and I have to say from experience yes there are times when divorce is good for women but there are also times when it is absolutely devastating. You should read some of the stories that the women have posted and watch the video's they have sent of what they are going through. It is one of the toughest times in their lives and to make such a broad statement I think is a little hair raising.

Just my two cents,

Shaye Horwitz

Toni...do you HAVE to flamebait?