Here's the deal on Ferrari and ethanol:

It is unsurprising, and an empty achievement.

We are seeing some interesting trends in which our machines can share the same fuels as our bodies. There is a moral aspect to that, but let's concentrate on the engineering for a moment. Biodiesel (soybean oil) or ethanol have known calorie counts. Those tell us their energy content when they are food. You could ride a bike, or walk, and they (in moderation) will help you get down the road.

When a car burns the same fuels it gets the same energy, per ounce. There is no question about that. It is simple chemistry.

What's the difference between me on a bike and a Ferrari on ethanol? The Ferrari can burn ethanol a lot faster, and will less ill effect. It can burn 10 gallons in an hour I'm sure, if you run it hard.

So knowing that, what do we think of ethanol Ferraris as an environmental achievement, or for their energy independence?

I think it's questionable.



"as with an earthquake, the longer it has been since a seizure, the longer it will be until the next one"

Um. Wouldn't this imply that someone can never have another seizure? If it has been a week since your last seizure, it will have to be a certain aount of time until the next seizure. Then if it has been two weeks since your last seizure, it has to be a longer time till the next one. So the time till your next seizure keeps getting longer and longer and it never happens. What am I missing?


"as with an earthquake, the longer it has been since a seizure, the longer it will be until the next one"

That struck me as well. They must mean with medication. My own experience (& that of all the other epileptics I know) is that medication reduces and can sometimes totally control seizures -- thus the changing of drug combinations, dosages, taking of blood levels and all that fun stuff.
Left untreated seizures occur more and more frequently until the victim enters a "status epilepticus" (continual seizures) followed by coma & death if untreated.


i'd prefer not to link to any of these pay-for 'research institutes' or 'think tanks' - like AEI, Heritage, Cato, Hoover, the 'liberal' one, etc.