the Gooch

If personal unhappiness boosts spending, I think Congress can scrap the current "stimulus" plan. Making everybody unhappy is probably a lot easier and more effective than mailing out checks.


With a more positive approach, what we could do is to realise that sadness is another automatic stabiliser: the unhappier the people (as when a recession is coming), the more they buy, the easier it is to get out of the recession. Maybe it is more powerful than the traditional ones! I wonder whether this has been looked at seriously...


Henry George's progressive, capitalist tax policy and economics reforms will help address the growing problem of global warming and unequal income / wealth distribution in this country.

Henry George's Land Value Taxation will eradicate the growing and deepening problem of poverty.

Is it a panacea for all social ills? NO.

But, it will remedy the problem of poverty.

By far, it is the best remedy offered.

Leo Tolstoy advocated Henry George's progressive tax and land reform policy.