Online Daters Crank Up the Cheating

It’s identity theft meets Internet dating: the Wall Street Journal reports that would-be online suitors are lifting other people’s profiles and posting them as their own. For example, Thierry Khalfa, a 44-year-old Frenchman, found himself dumped by Marjorie Coon, 48, after she discovered that he had copied exactly the profile of Mike Matteo, a 47-year-old screenwriter in Tampa, Fla. After all, why bother lying about just one thing when you can steal an entire personality?

Jose Hernandez is that Mike Matteo?


OK, people are stealing other people's more interesting profiles. It happens.

What I don't understand is why Freakonomics doesn't make use of all the brainpower and wit on this blog to (you're gonna laugh)...ACTUALLY SOLVE PROBLEMS!

I mean, just throw them out there--"How do we provide healthcare for everyone, but make a profit while doing it?--you never know what brilliance will surface.

Please, no more regurgitating other news items.

I love you guys!


Yes, you can cover this--just like the other dating information from your book. Sorry AaronS.

Meantime, I'm not sure that healthcare for everyone while still making a profit would suffice as a hypothesis question. Health care entities need to make MAXIMUM profit--which is at odds with covering everyone... *sigh*


If people misrepresent themselves in an online profile, perhaps they don't ever plan to actually meet anyone they meet face-to-face or they figure they can get away with it (or be forgiven) once found out? Alternatively, if you cheat perhaps you then conclude that everyone else does too, so it will all average out in the end?

I understand wanting to put your best foot forward when meeting new people but what is gained by the deceit if you will always be found out?


You can license my profile and pictures if you send me 60% of the girls you pick up. See, that's not plagiarism. That's a franchise!


@undersaur: You can have 60% of the girls I pick up, as long as *I* pick the 60%.

Cameron Sharpe

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