Mike De Armas

Very interesting way to display NBA player similarities


These links aren't very good.

The list of physicists is hardly a "Who's Who." Of the people listed, only Hawking and Witten would generally be considered to be leading physicists who have made/are likely to make major contributions. The list is basically just Smolin (a semi-crank) pumping his friends and needling his enemies.

The article on psychology is fine, but it isn't primarily about the accuracy of psychological experiments, so the link title is misleading.

The methodology of the NBA comparison is very silly (in baseball, it would be called pre-sabermetric), and the author implies that he doesn't know what a principal components analysis is.

The robotic terrorism article is mostly just sensationalism. There's no reason why terrorists would turn to robots when it's much easier to find and program people who are willing to sacrifice themselves. The very end of the article, where it mentions that the US military is planning to rely more on robots, is the only realistic and useful part.