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A Not So Romantic Valentine’s Day

As a Valentine’s Day present to my wife, Jeannette, I flew her to romantic Council Bluffs, Iowa, and bought her an entry into the High-Heeled Poker Tour event being played there over the weekend. These are women-only events, with the winner taking home the coveted “high-heel” necklace. Just so she understood that this truly was a Valentine’s gift to her (as opposed to a thinly veiled treat for myself), I did not even think about entering any of the other poker tournaments that were being played. Rather, I brought lots of work that I planned to do while watching her play. After she busted out, we would have a romantic dinner together before flying back to Chicago late that night.

It turned out to be the most productive weekend I have had in years, work-wise, although it was a little low on romance!

Jeannette played too well, eventually making it to the final table. In the end, her A-9 lost to pocket jacks and she finished fourth.

Meanwhile, I plugged away on my computer for ten hours.

Not only did we not get our romantic dinner, but I ended up flying back to Chicago alone since someone had to get the kids to school on Monday. Jeannette had to catch a flight the next day. (We seem to have a thing about poker tournaments and missed flights.)

Still, without a doubt, this was the best Valentine’s Day present I’ve ever given her.