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160,000 Four-Leaf Clovers?

This doesn’t really seem possible, but Edward Martin has found 160,000 four-leaf clovers. I’ve been looking my whole life and never found one.

Trying to find one was my main reason for playing Pee Wee Baseball, but then I got moved from outfield to shortstop and my baseball career ended shortly thereafter.

How fast does Martin find them? He is 76 years old. Let’s say he has spent an average of two hours a day looking for the last sixty years. That would be about 44,000 hours. Could he really find one every fifteen minutes? That seems unbelievable, but maybe some blog-reading four-leaf clover hunters can weigh in on that issue. Possibly he spent a lot more hours per day hunting.

The best part of the Chicago Tribune article is that his closest competitor got locked up in a prison that didn’t have any clover, allowing Martin to surge past him for the record.