Indexed: First Impressions

Here is the latest from our Indexed friend Jessica Hagy. Her past pieces can be found here, her own blog here, and her new book here.

This piece is called “Impressions & Press”:

Hagy Indexed
Hagy Indexed


I too disagree with D completely. I LOVE Indexed

Please, keep 'em coming!


I enjoy indexed. These postings only appear occasionally. There is plenty of other content every day.


While I typically enjoy a good Venn diagram (see: ) I have to agree that the "indexed" venn diagrams don't always make a whole lot of sense. And I am invariably stumped on the point she is trying to make- or is there one?

Though, to be fair, I couldn't care less if you continue to post them as long as you post the other, pointy, stuff too.


Personally, I like these entries and understand them most of the time. Just don't think you're off the hook for your own content...

Ravi Kanodia


Yes, icebergs do have properties that are orthogonal to visibility. However, the set of things that are visible and the set of things that are invisible are complementary; that is to say, nothing in the universe can have both of these properties (which the card does show correctly) and that everything in the universe must have one of these properties (which the card fails to show). Depicting more sets on the card (i.e., 'above the 45th parallel') wouldn't change that fact.


I am with you Jim and D, I don't get it, and I didn't really care for it. Hopefully something better tomorrow???

The baked blogger


I love them, and I think they fit perfectly in the spirit of the Freakonomics book and blog.

Scott Moonen

@Ravi, I disagree. Icebergs have properties that are entirely orthogonal to visibility. Consider "temperature", or to put the orthogonality more plainly, "latitude" and "longitude".


I love them, keep them coming! Bought the book, disected her blog. Hooked & amazed! (same goes for this blog & book!)

Rob Stevens

Scott, you missed the point of the invisible/iceberg bit.

The old adage is that you only ever see the tip of the iceberg, and that what you don't see is usually massive. (Also, that the part of the iceberg that you don't see is usually what will kill you.)

The same goes for that guy next door who, despite not displaying any of the usual visible trappings of wealth, could be worth millions because of his frugality. You can't assume that because they don't drive a Gallardo that they don't have large holdings.

Ravi Kanodia

I do like Indexed, but there's a problem with the top one. 'Visible' and 'Invisible' should be drawn as complementary sets. Right now, that diagram has space which represents things which are neither visible nor invisible.


Why nice?
Upon viewing the page I was looking at the whole not two separate parts and was playing with the concept of how all the pieces interact. I plead ignorance of Venn diagrams per se and will look into those.
Peace & Music




OK, I'm not one of those haters that usually goes around posting things like "This entry sucks" and "Who cares what you think" but...

This whole Indexed bit? It's weak. I love this blog, but I like it for all the interesting, not-what-you-find elsewhere commentaries from experts in their field and generally knowledgeable academics. I like the skeptical-of-conventional-wisdom thinking, and the focus on applying standard economic thinking to non-standard subjects. I'm often shocked at how a seemingly unrelated thread, like prediction markets or the Wire, is exactly up my alley, even though you've never posted on it before.

Indexed? Not appealing, not even a bit. I feel like I'm reading the wrong blog when I see it. Anybody else agree? Not that it's a big deal to just ignore it, but it just seems really really out of place and by far the weakest part an otherwise thoroughly interesting and entertaining blog.



Well, since he asked, I disagree with D completely. I LOVE Indexed, and follow her blog as well as the entries here. Keep 'em coming!

Charles D

I loved the second one. Two great indexed. These always make me laugh.


I'm with you D.

Lyn LeJeune

Hell, I don't even understand it!!! Maybe, uh, someone could explain this to me? I like words, words that mean something. Is this a puzzle? Is it a mind oragami? Is it a trick of the double circles trying to keep my potentially Alzheimer's mind active? Am I a fool? Are you a fool? Are we all fools becaause A= me B=you so C must=us.
Lyn LeJeune where words live.

Leland Witter

What? An economics blog showing Venn diagrams! It's an outrage.


I guess I have to grudgingly step in and support D, since he's getting too much flak on his own for echoing my (weaker) sentiments. I understand Indexed, I laugh at them, and I like them. But, I can just go to her blog if I want to read them - they don't really fit here. I thought the initial "shout-out" on Freakonomics was okay, but its reappearance is getting tacky.